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Whats happened to the world we live in?

When did we become so politically correct that we have to watch every word we say?

History is a bitch! It is merciless, weeding out the wannabe pretenders from the true contenders. It crushes the weak, leaves them behind. It stops for no man.

So take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself this – are you a leader? Or will you be forever resigned to follow? When history is made will you be the one making it, unsettling the dust? Or will you sit on your ass, reading about it long after the fact?

There is no room for second. No place for the imitator. No space for the poser.

Will u be a lamb to the slaughter or will you live against the grain, stand up and be counted? Make your dreams reality.

History will be made…For the one,
Make it you.

A collection indulged with style and design, focus on quality and divine execution, edgy and powerful.

We took our stand towards making a difference. Will you?

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